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The drivetrain can be complex, but Craigs Auto Repair Service // C.A.R.S is capable of handling any drivetrain repair in Weirton, WV, including transfer case, gear differentials, drive axles, driveshaft or transmission overhaul. Our repair shop can also help you with gear ration changes to optimize your vehicle’s fuel economy and power.

The power your engine produces reaches the road through your vehicle’s drivetrain, which is made up of several key components, such as the transmission, transfer case, transaxle, driveshafts, and drive axles. Drivetrain arrangements vary by car type:

• Rear Wheel Drive—In RWD, the transmission is directly bolted to the engine, and it sends power through a driveshaft to a differential at the rear axle.

• Front Wheel Drive—In FWD, power from the engine goes through the transaxle, a combination of the transmission and axle, to the front wheels via an axle shaft.

• 4-Wheel Drive —In 4WD, power from the engine goes to a transmission and then through the transfer case to the front and rear axles. To accommodate different driving conditions, there are different settings so that power is not split equally all the time. 4WD can also be turned off for fuel economy.

• All Wheel Drive—IN AWD, 4WD is operating most of the time.

No matter what kind of drivetrain arrangement your vehicle has, the mechanics at Craigs Auto Repair Service // C.A.R.S can repair it for you. For ten years, customers have relied on our drivetrain repair service because of the quality of our workmanship.

Visit Craigs Auto Repair Service // C.A.R.S for drivetrain repair in Weirton, WV. You need experienced technicians to handle this complicated and vital component of your vehicle.

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